LA Wallet at TSA Checkpoints

We are excited to announce you can now use LA Wallet at participating TSA checkpoints! Once you have a valid, REAL ID compliant, Louisiana Driver's License or Identification Card linked to your account, simply press the "Share mDL with TSA" card on LA Wallet's home screen and follow the instructions to begin the process.

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1Where can I find the participating airports?
You can view the list of participating airports by visiting
2What is REAL ID?
Real ID is a federally mandated identification program in the United States aimed at enhancing security standards for state-issued driver's licenses and identification cards. Read more information about REAL ID here
3Is REAL ID required?
Yes, a valid, REAL ID compliant, Louisiana Driver's License or Identification Card is required.
4What is an mDL?
Mobile Driver's License (mDL) is a digital version of a physical driver's license stored on a mobile device. It contains the same information as a traditional driver's license and can be transmitted electronically to an authorized reader for authentication. Read More here
5Is the mDL sharing process secure?
mDLs adhere to the highest security standards, employing advanced encryption and allowing for digital authentication both online and offline.
6What kind of information is shared through my mDL?
An mDL is comprised of and designed to share the same data elements as of a physical driver’s license.
7How long is my mDL stored on my device?
After provisioning your mDL, it will remain securely stored onto your device until you delete your downloaded mDL or if you’ve logged out of your LA Wallet account or have unlinked your driver’s license from your LA Wallet account. If you’ve accidently deleted your mDL or it has been cleared by one of the mentioned scenarios, you will be required to go through the enrollment process as well as facial authentication in order to download your mDL again.
8Do I need to carry my physical driver’s license if I’ve downloaded my mDL?
We encourage users to continue to carry a copy of their physical driver’s license. In the event that your digital ID cannot be verified at the TSA security checkpoint, you will be required to present an acceptable physical identity document in order to proceed with the verification process.

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