Bring Digital Verification to
Your Business

Bring Digital Verification to
Your Business

Bring Digital Verification to Your Business

Benefiting Businesses with Commerical Verification Services

Through LA Wallet’s commercial verification services, businesses can validate a person’s identity, age and license validity, ultimately lowering their risks of accepting fraudulent licenses or vaccination cards. Businesses can also verify a person’s COVID-19 vaccination status if the user has a SMART Health Card.

Real-Time Verification Uses Include:

  • Alcohol Sales and Delivery
  • Casinos and Gaming
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Notaries and Title Agencies
  • Car and Vacation Rental Agencies
  • Online Identity Verification

What This Means For Businesses

  • Touchless licenses and Covid-19 vaccination status verification
  • Real-time identity validation against live records
  • Healthcare organizations and states can generate the internationally accepted SMART™ Health Card

VerifyYou Pro

As an extension of LA Wallet, VerifyYou™ Pro provides business owners with an easy tool for tracking all real-time age verifications.

How Does VerifyYou™ Pro Work?

VerifyYou™ Pro is a monthly subscription service that provides Louisiana businesses with a manager portal for adding Verifiers to their system. Verifiers are those responsible for verifying the customer's identity, age or Covid-19 vaccination status. Verifiers are required to create an LA Wallet account in order to use VerifyYou™ Pro.

Automated Remote Verification via API

By using the VerifyYou API, businesses can set up automated identity verification using LA Wallet's two-factor authentication (2FA). This automation type is used to remotely verify residents in a system-to-system verification mode.

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