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For Business Owners

Supplying one underage person with alcohol can result in a fine up to $5,000 and loss of your alcohol license.

VerifyYou™ takes out the guesswork and ensures your business is serving persons 21 and older. Protect your business with real-time age verification and time-stamped scans. Be certain that delivery drivers are scanning and verifying each customer who purchases alcoholic beverages for home delivery.

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For Delivery Drivers

Serving alcohol to underage persons could result in up to $1,000 fine and/or jail time.

Don't take a chance - protect yourself if any questions arise about your alcohol home delivery with tracked verifications through VerifyYou™ Pro. Trust that all verifications are accurate with real-time verification from the state's database.

About VerifyYou™ Pro

Restaurants, stores, and third-party delivery services can now provide home delivery of alcoholic beverages in Louisiana with the help of LA Wallet's new VerifyYou™ Pro.

On July 22, 2019, Gov. Edwards signed HB349 and HB508 allowing restaurants and other businesses to begin exploring options to deliver factory-sealed alcoholic beverages directly to Louisiana residents' homes. One of the many provisions of alcohol home delivery requires the business or delivery service's driver to perform a digital, real-time age verification of the ID of the person receiving the order to confirm the recipient is 21 or older. LA Wallet developed VerifyYou™ Pro to provide businesses with a tool that not only scans and validates licenses but also provides the required documentation on behalf of a business should the business come under an audit by ATC.

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There is no equipment to purchase as the service is available via Apple iPhone and Android devices.

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Each delivery person must have an existing LA Wallet account to be added as a Verifier.

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The business owner will register each delivery person in the VerifyYou™ Pro portal to activate ATC-compliant, location-based scanning.

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Each delivery person must watch the short VerifyYou™ Pro training videos.

Register Now For VerifyYou™ Pro

$99 / Month

Includes up to 10 Verifiers*
(delivery personnel)

+$39 / Month

For each additional block
of 10 Verifiers*

*Each delivery person must also have an existing LA Wallet account to be added as a Verifier.


VerifyYou™ Pro is a monthly subscription service that provides Louisiana businesses with a manager portal for adding Verifiers to their system. Verifiers are drivers/delivery persons who will be responsible for verifying the customer receiving the delivery is the same person who placed the order and that the person is 21 or older. Verifiers are required to create an LA Wallet account in order to user VerifyYou™ Pro.

Businesses who wish to provide alcoholic beverage home delivery must register with VerifyYou Pro for a monthly fee of $99, which includes up to 10 Verifiers (delivery personnel). Additional blocks of 10 Verifiers may be purchased for $39 a month. Each delivery person must have an existing LA Wallet account to be added as a Verifier.

VerifyYou Pro asks the Verifiers permission to track his or her location while engaged in VerifyYou Pro activities. Once the user switches his or her LA Wallet account to personal mode, the location services are disabled until the user switches back to using VerifyYou Pro. Disabling location services will prevent you from using VerifyYou Pro.

The great thing about VerifyYou Pro is that anyone with a smartphone can become a Verifier. Of course, business owners will need to monitor the VerifyYou Pro manager portal from a web interface.

As of now, the Louisiana ATC has not released a full report of rules and regulations for businesses offering alcoholic beverage home delivery. LA Wallet will update VerifyYou™ Pro as these procedural and documentation rules are released in order to provide the most up-to-date tool for Louisiana businesses.

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