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Here's How It Works


VerifyYou™ is a unique feature that allows one LA Wallet user to validate another LA Wallet license holder. By scanning a custom generated QR code, a “Verifier” can validate the license validity, coarse age, full name and/or driver’s license number of another LA Wallet user. Meanwhile, the “Presenter” maintains full possession of his or her phone and controls which information is temporarily presented. Only the information the "Presenter" allows to be communicated is visible to the "Verifier." The received information is securely presented and not stored.


What This Means For Users

  • You can present your license for verification without handing over your phone.
  • The communication of information is done optically using a special, one-time use secure image and the camera -- not through Wifi, Bluetooth, or NFC.
  • You are in control of what data elements you share.
  • Your driver’s license image is never shared.
  • You now have the ability to verify and validate in real-time that service technician, house call, real-estate client, the parent at daycare pick-up, or ride-share driver taking your child’s friend group to the movies.

Why Acceptors Are Pumped

  • You don’t need to purchase LA Wallet to be a Verifier. The download is free.
  • VerifyYou™ is a patent-pending innovation lovingly created in Louisiana.
  • None of your shared information is stored on the Verifier’s device.
  • VerifyYou™ can be used to verify age for the sale of alcohol and tobacco.
  • VerifyYou™ does a real-time validation against the live records at the DMV.
  • Digital verification lowers the risks of serving minors, accepting a suspended or expired license, misreading birth dates, etc.
  • No additional hardware is needed. An existing phone or tablet gets the job done.


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VerifyYou™ is an innovative feature in the world of digital driver’s licenses, and LA Wallet is proud to present the first version. You, the users and acceptors, are the ones who help us make features like this one even better. Make your suggestion by clicking the button below: