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What is a Digital Driver's License?

7/3/2018 | LA Wallet

Many people have been excited for the release of the app, and even more have had questions about LA Wallet and what exactly it does. Here's your answer.

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From email to bank accounts, we rely on our phones and tablets to make our lives easier. There was only a matter of time before our official identification became digitized as well. In 2016, the Louisiana Legislature passed Act 645, allowing the development of a digital license to be officially accepted by Louisiana State Police. LA Wallet is Louisiana’s and the United States’ first digital license app. Many people have been excited for the release of the app, and even more have had questions about LA Wallet and what exactly it does.

Digital License

A digital driver’s license is exactly as it sounds, an official state identification that exists on a mobile device. LA Wallet is the Louisiana State approved and mandated digital driver’s license app. Once a user creates an account and purchases their digital license, all images and license data are accessed directly from the OMV. When a user purchases a digital license using a network connection, the app securely stores and updates digital license data in real time. The digital license is then available at any time, even without a network connection.

Fully Rendered Image

The LA Wallet digital license is more than a digital photo. All information, license design patterns, owner’s photo, and other security elements are gathered separately and layered together to generate a pixel-perfect, fully rendered, dynamic image of the driver’s license. Unlike a simple photograph of a driver’s license, this fully rendered digital driver’s license image within LA Wallet is a legally accepted form of identification at traffic stops.

Up-to-Date Information

If a user’s driver’s license status changes for any reason, LA Wallet automatically refreshes all new information from the OMV. This ensures that the user’s driving status is up-to-date on their digital driver’s license in case of a traffic stop. The mobile device must be connected to a network for the update to occur. In cases when the app is not connected or without service, a timestamp will inform the user when his or her information was last updated. However, this up-to-date information only refers to the status of the license. If a user updates their address information, they must purchase a new digital driver’s license in order for the new information to be visible.


Envoc, the software company that developed LA Wallet, has taken every security measure to make certain that all personal information and images are safe and secure. All communication to and from the app is encrypted over https connections, and the app was not only tested by Envoc’s expert quality assurance team but also a third party for additional security.


Physical Louisiana licenses are protected from forgery by a number of hidden seals and holograms. LA Wallet is no different. When requested to validate the authenticity of a digital license, a user can press and hold the screen on their device and a Louisiana State Seal overlay appears on top of the license. This measure is in place to prove that the data displayed on the screen is authentic and not simply a screenshot or recording.


The LA Wallet digital driver’s license is valid the lifetime of the user’s physical license. Most licenses expire after six years. If a user’s physical license is a few years old, the digital license will be valid for the time remaining on their physical license. Once a license expires, the user will need to renew their license with the OMV and purchase a new digital license.

To find out more about LA Wallet, read the LA Wallet FAQs, or feel free to reach out to us for any questions not answered there.


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LA Wallet is an app that is the only acceptable form of electronic identification according to the ATC and Louisiana State Police. With zero cost to the state, this app was developed jointly with a software company called Envoc, the State Police, the General Council, and the OMV.

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