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Real-Time Age Verification for Alcohol Delivery in Louisiana

8/30/2019 | Calvin Fabre

LA Wallet's VerifyYou Pro version allows businesses to satisfy real-time age verification for alcohol delivery. This is a new feature of LA Wallet that allows any LA Wallet user, that works for a business delivering alcohol to satisfy the requirement of real-time age verification

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Restaurants, stores, and third-party delivery services can now provide home delivery of alcoholic beverages in Louisiana with the help of LA Wallet’s new VerifyYou™ Pro.

On July 22, 2019, Gov Edwards signed HB349 and HB508 allowing restaurants and other businesses to begin exploring options to deliver factory-sealed alcoholic beverages directly to Louisiana residents’ homes. One of the many provisions of alcohol home delivery requires the business’s or delivery service’s driver to perform a digital, real-time age verification of the ID of the person receiving the order to confirm the recipient is 21 or older. LA Wallet developed VerifyYou™ Pro to provide businesses with a tool that not only scans and validates licenses but also provides the required documentation on behalf of a business should the business come under an audit by ATC. For more background on the business acceptance of LA Wallet see LA Wallet for Business.

How VerifyYou™ Pro Works

VerifyYou™ Pro allows business owners and third-party delivery services to add “Verifiers” to their unique system and track all Louisiana license scans performed on behalf of the company. Anyone with a smartphone can become a Verifier by creating an LA Wallet account. Once a business has created an account and designated a team of Verifiers, delivery drivers can legally and safely deliver alcoholic beverages to Louisiana residents’ homes. With VerifyYou™ Pro, Verifiers can scan the AAMVA code on the back of a physical Louisiana driver’s license or scan the VerifyYou code if the customer is an LA Wallet user.


The Benefits of VerifyYou™ Pro

For Business Owners

First, VerifyYou™ Pro provides business owners with an easy tool for tracking all real-time age verifications. Business owners can be certain their delivery drivers have the business’s best interest in mind and that drivers are scanning and verifying every customer who purchases alcoholic beverages for home delivery. Additionally, every verification is timestamped which also adds the benefit of tracking delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Delivery Drivers

For delivery drivers, they can be assured they are covered if any questions arise about a delivery. Since all verifications are tracked by the unique Verifier’s LA Wallet account, delivery drivers cannot be made responsible for a delivery they did not complete. They can also trust the system more than their own eyes because VerifyYou™ Pro communicates directly with the State’s databases for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the customer’s license. 

How does VerifyYou™ Pro satisfy ATC guidelines?

While Gov. Edwards has signed both laws allowing alcohol home delivery, the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control Office is currently developing the final rules and regulations. However, the Louisiana ATC approved LA Wallet for all age-restricted purchases. As the ATC  releases all procedural and documentation rules for alcohol home delivery, LA Wallet will update VerifyYou™ Pro in order to provide the most up-to-date tool for Louisiana businesses to stay protected.

With over 335,000 (and counting) Louisiana residents currently using LA Wallet, we are continuously developing new tools for Louisiana businesses to engage with digital identities. While LA Wallet is a new technology, digital driver’s licenses provide much more security for residents and more legal protection for businesses because it is more difficult to forge digital identities. Additionally, with LA Wallet, all digital identity information is linked from the State databases in realtime. Keep checking back for updates to LA Wallet, VerifyYou™ Pro, and many more tools for Louisiana businesses. 

How is VerifyYou™ Pro priced?

LA Wallet’s VerifyYou Pro verification service is only $99 per month for up to 10 devices – during the Introductory pricing period which extends through December 31, 2019 – with an unlimited number of scans!

That means the same licensed vendor with 10 different delivery people would only pay $99 per month or $1,188 for the entire year.  For a larger vendor with more than 10 drivers, an incremental block of 10 additional devices is only an additional $39 per month. 

Many real-time ID verification services and apps cost upwards of $50 per month per device, meaning a store with 10 delivery people would pay $500 per month or $6,000 per year. 

What is required?

  1. There is no equipment to be purchased as the service is available via Apple iPhone and Android devices.
  2. Each delivery person must have an existing LA Wallet account to be added as a Verifier.
  3. The business owner will need to register each delivery person in the VerifyYou Pro portal to activate ATC-compliant, location-based scanning
  4. Each delivery person must watch the short VerifyYou Pro training videos

How does a Business Sign up for VerifyYou™ Pro?

Businesses can sign-up to use VerifyYou Pro by visiting the registration page of VerifyYou Pro at From there, a business can read the disclosure statement, create a business account, select a billing plan, and enter billing details. The following is a screenshot of what information the business should have prepared before signing up.


LA Wallet COVID-19 Updates


Please check this page for updates that relate to LA Wallet and quarantine procedures.

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Real-Time Age Verification for Alcohol Delivery in Louisiana


LA Wallet's VerifyYou Pro version allows businesses to satisfy real-time age verification for alcohol delivery. This is a new feature of LA Wallet that allows any LA Wallet user, that works for a business delivering alcohol to satisfy the requirement of real-time age verification

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LA Wallet is an app that is the only acceptable form of electronic identification according to the ATC and Louisiana State Police. With zero cost to the state, this app was developed jointly with a software company called Envoc, the State Police, the General Council, and the OMV.

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