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Keeping the Facts Straight About LA Wallet

8/7/2018 | Envoc

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LA Wallet is now available for both Apple and Android devices, and the public’s response has been amazing and it’s keeping our chat-lines busy. As news coverage spreads and excitement hits social media, we’ve received a lot of great questions and we’d like the opportunity to answer a few of the more popular ones all in one place. After all, conveniency is what we strive for.

1. When can I use LA Wallet as identification?
According to Act 625, any police officer of the state, parish, or municipality may officially accept LA Wallet as a legal form of identification. We are working with Louisiana State Police to establish state-wide acceptance procedures.

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has confirmed that LA Wallet is an acceptable ID for age-verification. But since the app is so new, it will take some time for your local convenience store or watering hole to implement LA Wallet into their procedures. Please be patient with everyone as Louisiana transitions to this new digital format.

2. How many Louisiana driver’s licenses can LA Wallet store?
There’s only one. You and your identity are special, so we created the app to be secure and proprietary to one user.

3. Is LA Wallet Real ID compliant?
Not yet, but we’re working on it. We have big plans for LA Wallet, including working with the TSA to adopt the digital driver’s license as an official ID for travel.

4. Won’t using LA Wallet at a traffic stop or in any interaction with a state official will give them access to the contents of my phone?
Actually, quite the opposite. LA Wallet was built in collaboration with the State of Louisiana and State Law Enforcement with a "no touch" policy, meaning that an officer cannot touch your phone at a traffic stop. LA Wallet is designed so that you maintain possession of your phone at all times.

5. Can I change my license information or renew my license using LA Wallet?
No...or, not yet. You must complete all license updates and renewals with the Louisiana OMV. Your LA Wallet digital license is valid for the life of your physical license. If you update your address or any other information through the OMV before your license expires, you only have to unlink your license and re-link it with LA Wallet at no additional charge. However, if your license expires, you will need to purchase a new digital license.

We’re so happy to see so many Louisiana residents excited about LA Wallet, and we know you have lots of questions about this new technology. The answers to many of those questions can be found on our site, but if you require additional support, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our site and use the Live Chat in the bottom right corner. We’ll be happy to assist with any obstacles you may encounter with LA Wallet and ease any of your concerns.


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