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Getting into the App Stores

4/16/2018 | Calvin Fabre and Chad LaCour

Live in the Apple App Store

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Live in Apple App Store

LA Wallet - How is it going?

Wow! The past two weeks have been very intensive for LA Wallet. It has been shaken down, tested, examined, poked and prodded by security professionals from the state of Louisiana's Office of Information Technology, as well as, a third-party security compliance company, Ballast Cyber and Tech. Even though the Envoc team regularly performs audits on its internal software development practices to keep current with both PCI and HIPPA, we were relieved to get external confirmation that our practices are being put to use. 


Earlier this week, we received the news that after a few rejections, Apple has approved LA Wallet for the Apple Store and is now available to iOS users. 


We are making some final edits to imagery for the Google Play store and we expect it to be available for our Android users before Independence Day of this year, 2018. 


LA Wallet COVID-19 Updates


Please check this page for updates that relate to LA Wallet and quarantine procedures.

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Real-Time Age Verification for Alcohol Delivery in Louisiana


LA Wallet's VerifyYou Pro version allows businesses to satisfy real-time age verification for alcohol delivery. This is a new feature of LA Wallet that allows any LA Wallet user, that works for a business delivering alcohol to satisfy the requirement of real-time age verification

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A Business Owner's Guide to Accepting LA Wallet


LA Wallet is an app that is the only acceptable form of electronic identification according to the ATC and Louisiana State Police. With zero cost to the state, this app was developed jointly with a software company called Envoc, the State Police, the General Council, and the OMV.

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