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SMART Health Card in LA Wallet

COVID-19 Vaccinations

  • Trusted Data: Your digital COVID-19 vaccination record is retrieved from the Louisiana Department of Health's immunization database, LINKS.

  • Your data is only stored at the Department of Health and your device. We keep no copies. 

  • Displaying your health information is purely optional and easily removed.

  • Your data is only shared when you choose to share it.

COVID-19 Test Results

LA Wallet can now display Covid-19 Test Results in the SMART Health Card. 

  • Your COVID-19 test results come directly from a trusted data source - the laboratory that performed the testing. (see Participating Laboratories below)

  • Simply retrieve your new SMART Health Card or refresh your existing one, and any available test results will appear.

  • Positive test results will expire after 120 days, Negative and Inconclusive results will expire after 5 days.

  • Connects your test results to you using the Driver's License or State ID number that you already have linked to LA Wallet. 

Participating Laboratories

Click the logo to be directed to each laboratory's website where you can locate a test center near you.
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