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The Benefits of Digital Verification for Business

7/8/2019 | Envoc

If you haven’t heard, LA Wallet is the only acceptable form of electronic identification according to the ATC and Louisiana State Police.

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The first of its kind, we’re proud to share this cutting-edge app developed by Louisiana citizens, for Louisiana citizens to safely and reliably verify anyone’s identity. For business owners that rely on checking IDs for validity and age restrictions, the app puts the future of identity verification right in your hands today. 

How Does It Work?

The digital license displayed on the app features visual cues and interactive elements that make accurately validating a license simple. A bar across the top of the screen will display GREEN for valid or RED for invalid, and the ID will display vertically on the screen for underage residents. For extra measures, you can also press and hold the ID to show the state security seal, or press the Refresh button for an on-demand records request from the OMV database.

If your business downloads the LA Wallet app on a smart device, you also have access to a feature called VerifyYou™. This allows you to verify another Louisiana citizen’s license in real-time using a custom generated QR code. Within seconds, the license is checked against real-time OMV records, and displays the license validity, coarse age, full name and/or driver’s license number.

In addition, similar to how you might currently scan the 2D barcode on the back of a physical license, the digital ID presents a functional AAMVA barcode that can be scanned with most existing 2D scanners. Your scanner will validate and display the information from the digital license just like it would any physical license – no new hardware is needed.

Benefits of Digital ID Verification:

It’s free to get started

Businesses do not need to purchase LA Wallet to become a verifier. The app and VerifyYou™ feature is completely free to download, or you can continue to use your existing 2D barcode scanner. 

Minimize losing potential customers

As more and more customers begin adopting and carrying digital identification, you’ll want to make sure your business is equipped to accept them. Our research has found that while people often forget their license, they are less likely to forget their phone. Don’t risk losing a sale because you’re not prepared to accept digital IDs.

Protect your business by lowering the risk of serving minors

Officially approved by the ATC, LA Wallet digital IDs can be used to verify age for the sale of alcohol and tobacco. Age verification is a critical consideration for any business that sells alcohol or tobacco products, and LA Wallet’s real-time digital verification lowers the risks of serving minors due to accepting a suspended or expired license, misreading birth dates, or mistakingly accepting a fake ID. Our visual cues and interactive checkpoint features make it easy to distinguish a valid license from an invalid license, and users must go through the process of validating their license through OMV records in order to load it on the app. 


Don’t wait to start accepting digital identification with LA Wallet. Use the form on the 'Business' page to sign up for our webinar where we will cover how LA Wallet works, how to train your employees, and how to implement best practices. If you have any questions or concerns about using LA Wallet, please use our live chat (in the bottom right corner) or email your questions to [email protected]


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