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LA Wallet is Leading the Nation in Digital Identification

6/25/2019 | Envoc

LA Wallet becomes the nation’s first legal and law enforcement-supported digital driver’s license.

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The Louisiana digital driver’s license app, LA Wallet, officially launched July 3, 2018, and over 40,000 citizens downloaded the app within the first week. Since LA Wallet became available to Louisiana residents for use at traffic stops involving Louisiana State Police, the Louisiana ATC has announced it also accepts LA Wallet as a valid form of identification for age verification. While others have been piloting their own digital driver’s license app, Louisiana is the first to release a statewide app that presents a legislature-supported digital driver’s license. In mid-2016, the Louisiana Legislature passed Act 625, paving the way for a digital driver’s license.

Representative Ted James, Baton Rouge, said “I authored the bill to digitize our Louisiana driver’s licenses in an effort to provide an easier option for our citizens while at the same time complying with our enacted laws to provide proper identification to our public safety officials.” The LA Wallet creators and State Legislatures are exploring additional uses of this technology, such as acceptance by all Louisiana law enforcement, use in other states, and adoption by the TSA as a REAL ID-compliant license.

Although these provisions may take some time to be fully adopted, Rep. Ted James said, “Since we are the first state to enact a bill of this kind, this is a big step, not only for Louisiana but for the country.”

LA Wallet was created by the Louisiana based software company Envoc, and all developers who worked on the project are Louisiana graduates. To ensure the app’s integrity, Envoc tapped a third-party cyber security company, Ballast Cyber & Tech, to evaluate LA Wallet from every angle. Detailed quality assurance and rigorous testing by both companies ensured LA Wallet’s security passed all inspections.

Brandon Reeves, Founder & CEO Ballast, states, “We have tested the La Wallet application developed by Envoc and found it to be developed in a manner consistent with generally acceptable security practices for application and security management processes." Envoc worked closely with law enforcement and state officials to cover procedure and
understand the law to ensure the app met all legal requirements. For instance, Louisiana law enforcement challenged the app development team by mandating a “hands-off” requirement where the citizen’s phone would not be handled by the law enforcement officer. Further, the app would not require additional equipment to be purchased.

“The validation seal overlay, activated when a citizen presses the screen, provided an intuitive way for law enforcement to confirm the validity of the digital driver’s license while staying ‘hands-off,’” said Kyle Joiner, Mobile App Developer at Envoc, “The simplicity of the design is what we hope will fuel widespread adoption.

”LA Wallet is free to download and requires an in-app purchase of $5.99 to activate a citizen’s digital driver’s license. The digital driver’s license is valid for the term of a Louisiana license, which can be up to six years. For more information, visit


LA Wallet is Louisiana’s Digital Driver’s License, launched July 3, 2018 by Gov. Edwards’s announcement. LA Wallet is the nation’s first legally accepted digital driver’s license, built in collaboration with the State of Louisiana, Louisiana State Police and written into law by Rep. Ted James. Available in Apple App and Google Play Stores, LA Wallet is support and continually improving at the hands of Louisiana-educated developers at Envoc.


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