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Restaurants, stores, and delivery services can now provide home delivery of alcoholic beverages in Louisiana with the help of VerifyYou™ Pro.

What is VerifyYou™ Pro?

VerifyYou™ Pro is an extension of the LA Wallet Digital Driver's License app that provides business owners with an easy tool for tracking all real-time age verifications. You can find out more details in our blog located here.

How can I get started?

Businesses can sign-up to use VerifyYou Pro by visiting the registration page of VerifyYou Pro at

Why LA Wallet is Beneficial for Businesses and Users

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Officially approved by Louisiana State Police & ATC

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Real-time OMV Database Verification

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Easy to scan AAMVA Barcode

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Quickly identify counterfeit IDs with touch-activated seal

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"Hands-off" / "No-touch" verification

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If still in doubt, request a physical ID

How LA Wallet Can Improve Your Business's Bottom-line

Never lose a sale ― Turning away customers who forget their ID means lost revenue.
Support local innovation ― Developed by Louisiana residents, for Louisiana residents.

Two-step verification ― With multiple verification checkpoints, LA Wallet provides additional protection against fake or invalid IDs.
Protect your business ― Minimize the risk of accidentally accepting fake IDs with digital ID verification from real-time OMV records.

Advertising ― Showing that your business accepts LA Wallet will draw in new customers.
Streamline operations ― Digital IDs are easy to verify and quickly identify counterfeit, underage, or expired licenses.

Resources and FAQs

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Hosted on July 30, 2019, our Business Training Webinar includes the latest information on legislation, best practices, and practical usage guidelines for businesses to begin accepting LA Wallet for age and identity verification. Sign up to receive the full video, presentation slides, and questions/answers from the webinar.

1. Select your method of verification.

2. Download the app at no cost to verifiers.

3. Review ATC Guidelines.

> Download ATC Responsible Vendor (RV) Handbook

1. If using a smart device, open the app and click VerifyYou.

2. Scan the digital ID for real-time OMV database verification.

3. If using a 2D barcode scanner, simply scan the digital ID!

> Download LA Wallet Acceptance Guidelines

  • Smart Device - Any iPhone, iPad, Android, (etc) with the app can scan a Digital ID using VerifyYou.
  • 2D Barcode Scanner - Most existing POS scanners can verify a Digital ID with the app's barcode feature.
  • Optical Check - Depending on your company policy, if scanners are not required, you may choose to simply visually check a Digital ID the same way you look at a physical ID.

While many existing POS scanners can function with the app’s barcode feature, some scanning technologies may not, such as:

  • Magnetic Scanners 
  • 3D or Laser Scanners

In these cases, you can still use your Smart Device that scan using VerifyYou or perform an Optical Check to verify the Digital ID.

  • When viewing a digital license on LA Wallet, the screen will display GREEN for valid results or RED for invalid results.
  • For additional security measures with an LA Wallet digital ID, you can press and hold the ID to display the state security seal, or tap the Refresh button to request real-time results from the OMV database.
  • If scanning with a 2D Barcode Scanner, tap the View button to display the barcode from the back of the ID. The information will display on your scanner the same as when you scan a physical license. For additional verification, you can also utilize any of the digital methods above.

News & Press Feed

Photo for A Business Owner's Guide to Accepting LA Wallet


8/13/2019 | Envoc

LA Wallet is an app that is the only acceptable form of electronic identification according to the ATC and Louisiana State Police. With zero cost to the state, this app was developed jointly with a software company called Envoc, the State Police, the General Council, and the OMV.

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